Childrens Rehabilitation Center

Hugdetta was lucky enough to get a design project for a rehabilitation center for disabled children as well as the childrens psychiatric ward in Reykjavik. 

The rehabilitation rooms and wall decorations were designed so that the children would feel like they were in a playground having fun but rather than rehabilitation.  The idea was to make their play a hidden excersice both for body and mind.  The wall decorations often have different textures and shapes or hidden tasks for them to do.  For example, boxes on the wall have to be opened up by using a key, tying a bow or turning a number lock etc, to reveal something exciting inside.  These are all tasks children with disabilities need to learn, as well as many other physical and mental activities they enhance within the design.  Climbing through boxes, solving tasks on the way, crawling through a window to slide down or stroking soft material or horsehair all have a hidden rehabilitation roles for the children.  Different textures like feathers, pebbles and fur were intergrated into the wall decoration for the enjoyment of the blind children. 

Simple colors and wood were used throughout the design both to try to create a classic look that would last many years and to cater for all ages.

The design has been a great joy to the children which means mission acomplished for HUDGETTA.