FISHBONE MODEL MAKING KIT for adults and children where a creative imagination is the key to having fun!

The kit includes over 50 pieces of fish head bones, paint and a paintbrush. You can glue the fish bones together in any way you imagine and create anything from cute animals and angels to spaceships, monsters or goblins.

Today we throw away tonnes of bones and other by-products of fish and meat. Something Fishy uses leftovers from the fishing industry in Iceland. The bones are from wild fish caught in the North Atlantic, mainly cod, haddock and wolffish.

The fish bones are cleaned in an eco-friendly way, using enzyme technology which leaves the bones totally free of living organism.

The aim of the product is to inspire parents and children to spend time together and to stimulate the imagination and foster creativity, at the same time as to bring people in contact with natural materials.

Something Fishy is sold and exhibited in SPARK Design Space [Klapparst. 33, 101 Rvk.] and online:

Please share pictures of your own Fishy creations on